Jump off a plane and deploy your parachute! wait.. why isn't it working?

The only thing you can do is enjoy these moments, at least going through the rings makes you feel that this time will never end, right?


  • Go through the golden rings  to increase your score and fill your Timer bar before hitting the ground.
  • Once you fill it, the level will be reset and you'll start moving faster. 
  • Try to get a high score before you inevitably greet the ground with your face.

Controls 🎮 

  • Lean Forward: W, Up Key
  • Lean Backwards: S, Down Key
  • Rotate: A and D, Left and Right Keys
  • Reset: R


SkyTimerWin.zip 31 MB


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nice one



Nice score! Thanks for playing!


Wow, is it possible to get a good ending? Nice game !

Not really. One would say a bad ending is… inevitable

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I came, I saw, I faceplanted.


That’s life, man


Nice really funny and visually pretty.

Thanks for playing!