Inspired by classic arcade racing games such as Daytona USA and Crazy Taxi, while following the premise of the simple and peaceful gameplay of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, comes this mixture of genres that shouldn't even be possible to mix!

Presented for the Mix and Game Jam 2020, this is HARVEST RUN!


  • Plant and grow different crops to get the high score!
  • Control your tractor like any other top racing game!
  • Farming life has never been so frenetic! Items will appear on your farm that'll allow you to use different tools for your crops. (Planting, watering and harvesting)
  • For each crop, you have to water a cell and plant seeds on it with their respective item (The order is irrelevant)
  • After waiting a couple of seconds, SECONDS, you'll be able to harvest your newly grown crops and save them for selling them later.
  • At night, you gotta race to the shop in order to sell your crops, get paid and get even more time to survive for more days!


Arrow keys / WASD for steering and accelerating


Harvest 24 MB


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that a cool game!

i do like the the art style! everything looks like it belongs there!

1 issue that I didn't like: the volume of sound effects was too loud!

other than that that's a really great entry!