Grapple "Indie" Jones*  is not your typical adventurer. With the power of his mighty whip (which he likes to call a Grapple) and his jet-pack, he has been part of multiple expeditions across the globe, always looking for great fortunes.

This time, Grapple Jones has found himself into the mysterious depths of a dark cave, where legends affirm holds a valuable treasure from centuries ago, protected from those that are stupid enough to try to claim it. Thankfully, Grapple Jones has brought a surprising possession of his own that could lead to yet another victorious expedition on his book.

Do you have what it takes to fool such ancient civilizations with your trickery? Or are you going to be just another one that failed in the attempt? 

* Clearly inspired by.. my uncle Jonah Indigo Jones, who likes to wear a hat once in a while


  • Move / Aim - WASD, Arrow Keys, Left Stick (Gamepad)
  • Grapple - J, Z, Button West (Gamepad)
  • Jetpack - K, X, W, Up Arrow, Button South (Gamepad)
  • Reset - R, Select (Gamepad)
  • Proceed - Enter, Start (Gamepad)


  1. Grab the treasure with your grapple
  2. Hurry!!! Drop it where you started, in the cave's entrance
  3. Grab the fake treasure and leave it where you got the real deal before time runs out!


Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to properly finish this game, only submitting what I could consider a "sound-proof" prototype, It contains a : 

  • Tutorial/Sandbox level, to get familiar with the controls,
  • One simple straight-forward level, to challenge your newfound grapple abilities

There were so many more ideas that were left out of the GameJam version, but I will definitely look forward to adding them once the Jam finishes. Having said that, thank you very much for playing the game, and good luck on the Jam! :)


Download 21 MB

Install instructions

Once you download the file, please open the containing folder and run Brackey2022.exe to begin playing the game! An HTML5 version will be available as soon as the jam's review period ends

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